Simple multiprocessing in python using Pool

At some point during development I came across a problem that was CPU bound, i.e. performing some calculation in a sequence/loop, as opposed to I/O or Memory »

Quick guide to using BootCamp with VirtualBox

I recently changed over to Windows 7 (64-bit) on my BootCamp partition from the 32-bit version, which unfortunately required a full backup and reinstall from scratch. In addition to the »

Git-ing started: some git basics

Recently I have been spending a lot of time on GitHub, attempting to quickly learn git version control in hopes of constructively participating in some open source projects that have »

What is and is it useful?

While I was going through the code in the theme that I forked (ghostentista by Viktor Bezdek [1]), I immediately saw a script and subsequent css call to, »

Ghost with nginx, PostgreSQL and SSL

I used to use Wordpress on a shared hosting plan configured with Apache and MySQL for my blogging needs, before I decided it was time to make a switch to »